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Summer Wood                                                                                     


From Summer Wood comes this wonderful novel with the best group of characters I've met in quite a while.
There is Lisa Fay, a young single woman who gives birth to her son in a public park.
When the boy is three years old, Lisa Fay is incarcerated for fifteen years.
The boy, who she's named Wrecker because he leaves destruction in his wake, is sent to his mother's sister, Meg.
Meg and her husband, Len, live far away from the city life and Len is a woodsman and has a saw mill. The courts do not know that Meg has
lost her mind due to an infection following a root canal gone bad.
On the adjoining land are four people who live in separate buildings but in a communal lifestyle. There is Ruth, the oldest, whose same gender partner has died. Melody is young and running from her wealthy family. Willow's children chose to live with their father after he divorced Willow. Johnny Appleseed is a man who wants to protect the forests from the likes of Len and spends his time replanting the bare spots where trees have been cleared.
Len can't manage Wrecker with Meg's problems, but he adopts him and lets him live with the four neighbors.
Rarely does everyone agree on how to raise the lad. He is home-schooled and Melody appoints herself as his mother.
You will not want to miss this book which covers almost two decades in Wrecker's life.
I give it five stars.