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I am not a very nice person.

WITNESS:  so sez the little girl (I really have no idea if that's true, that she's a little girl, that's just how she comes across to me...) - anyway, the little girl in one of my internet classes who can't get far enough past her ego to see that if someone disagrees with something she says, it's not a condemnation of her as a person...nor an attack on her virtue, an attempt to make her look stupid, ugly, fat, or wotEVER it is that she thinks she sees in the mirror, nor a vicious/pointless assault, and so on...it's merely an academic exercise...after, all, isn't the whole point of going to school  to learn through the free exchange of ideas (or something like that)?

WITNESS: the fact that I really don't (no, really, I don't) give a flying F if I hurt her precious little girl feelings...it's a tough world and if yer gonna collapse in delicate self-pity any and every time someone disagrees with you, the world is going to eat you alive...so, the gene pool don't really need ya...know what I'm saying? Besides, I'm not yer Mommy...I don't HAVE to be nice to you...

WITNESS: that I could say that above without cringing with shame; where's my compassion, my humanity, my caring for other's feelings? Damn'd if I know, I think it's here somewhere, but I really don't have the time and energy to waste looking for it right now...the election is almost upon us (only 10 daze away)  and I still have friends and relatives who honestly believe that Obama is a Muslim terrorist and McCain/Palin are gonna save the world...(sweet "J" save us!) - friends that I have to convince NOT to vote...

So,  no, you're absolutely right: I'm really NOT a very nice person. 

So, what's yer point?