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Ash: Return of the Beast

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was (and still is) arguably the most notorious occultist and practitioner of the black arts the world has ever known. The British press labeled him "The Wickedest Man In The World". His own mother referred to him as "The Beast". When he died in England his body was cremated. The urn containing his ashes was sent to a man in New Jersey who promptly buried it beneath an oak tree in his yard. Sometime later he went to dig it up and found it had mysteriously vanished.

Ash: Return of the Beast is a fictional account of how the urn vanished, where it ended up, and how - many years later - it became the obsession of a rising young rock star with a disturbing past and a more disturbing future. What role did it play in the deaths of several pastors from a variety of religious faiths? What did it have to do with the most bizarre and ultimately most baffling crime case that street-worn detective, Brian Kane, ever had to solve?

Ash: Return of the Beast is an occult crime thriller that takes the reader on a journey into the shadowy world of black magick and the dark recesses of the human mind.

Available on Kindle by the end of November, 2011 and in soon in paperback.