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Sep 2009

Writer, illustrator, book cover artist and author of two novels - Ash: Return Of The Beast (a supernatural crime chiller steeped in the occult) • and • The Ezekiel Code (a cross-genre metaphysical/mystery/adventure/thriller with a touch of romance and a trace of sci-fi.)

Former contributing writer for Fate Magazine (U.S.) and Beyond Magazine (U.K.) with articles and illustrations appearing in several other publications as well. Have been a guest on a number of radio programs including Dreamland (hosted by best-selling author, Whitley Strieber) and The X-Zone (hosted by veteran paranormal researcher, Rob McConnell).

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Ancient mysteries, UFO and crop circle phenomena, sacred geometry, generally just about anything outside the box. My work with the English alphabet and its synchronistic link with sacred numbers has been called "a significant advancement toward the establishment of an English-based system of gematria". The work is detailed at www.secretofnine.com.