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Short Story
Pets by Gary Starta
Tabloid Purposes IV
PETS Bleary eyed and groggy, police officer Reggie Warfield fumbled to secure the strap of his weapons holster in the darkness of his bedroom. A phone call from Capt. Mark Blaisdale came 10 minutes earlier, demanding he report to the station in uniform. Warfield wondered what urgent matter required his...
Short Story
A woman questions her sanity when her prize winning tulip commands her to eliminate the competition.
Dark Fire
   EYE ON THE PRIZE   Before I dreamt of growing prize-winning tulips, it never dawned on me that there might be other beings in this universe with twisted ambitions. They might not walk on two legs or speak with a mouth, but believe me they are just as dangerous. I came upon this realization last year during my quest to convert my weed-infested backyard into a...