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Gary Morgenstein Reading/"Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman"

I'll be reading from my novel "Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman" at Rachel Kramer Bussel's wonderful In the Flesh reading series on Thursday, December 17 from 8-10PM at Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome Street. I'm honored to share the program with Mo Beasley,DeAngela Napier,Jeff Jeudy,Johanna Gohmann,Cristy Road and Susan Wright, plus belly dancing by Sherri Eldin. And free cupcakes by Melissa! I'm reading the scene where the middle-aged protagonist, Joss Katz, recently divorced after 25 years of marriage, is taken by his best friend Mandelbaum to a house of ill-repute -- to bolster his confidence in returning to the dating world!If anyone in the New York area is free, please come on down!!!