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The book party in Pasadena, with more than 100 guests at the Western Justice Center, was classy, fun, and memorable. My friend, actor Cully Fredricksen, flew down from the Bay Area and performed his Jack Bennett monologue one more time. Cully is an intense performer, and the role makes his...
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From KC: Myrtle and Jack's town turned out for The Devil's Tickets. I started last night at a reception at the Mission Hills Country Club. Then an overflow crowd of more than 300 showed up for my talk as part of the Truman Forum lecture series on the Plaza sponsored by Rainy Day Books and the KC...
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From Atlanta: One of the joys of a book tour is seeing old friends along the way. In Atlanta -- which is always home to me -- I met more than a few. Then again, I almost didn't make it to Atlanta. Thunderstorms forced my plane from Toronto to divert to Charlotte. That meant the cancellation of...
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At the historic King Edward Hotel in Toronto this morning, I told the more than 200 guests at the Ben McNally/ Toronto Globe & Mail literary brunch that two things impressed me most about Canadians: 1.) their sweaters (they laughed, but I meant it); and 2.) that Canadians never seem stressed...
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Last night I spoke at The Regency Whist Club, an elegant and historic place.  A four-story brownstone at 15 East 67th Street, immaculately kept, and more than a century old, the Regency dates as a club to 1936, the Age of Culbertson.  As members ate dinner, I spoke for about 30 minutes, telling the...
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