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my most recent full notebook:

  • missing
  • lost
  • stolen

has this ever happened to you? 

how do you feel about it? 


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I think if anyone got their

I think if anyone got their hands on any of my unfinished novels, I'd be shortly paid a visit by the Men in Black.

Actually most of my "notes" are undecipherable by even me, most of the time.

I regret your loss, however I'm sure anything of lasting value is still in your cranium.  That's the way it's always worked with me, anyway.


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lost notebooks

thanks, eric


maybe the compassionate forces of the universe will hear your sympathy and help effectuate a reunion between me and the 'missing' notebook


sure we have different ways of working and ways that are similar


me, i write things down so i do not have to remember what until i go to the text: so i can't tell you what's in the notebook unless i find it, except it's covered with entries for much of this year


some people can quote their own work ; i have no idea who wrote work that's mine even when read to me, etc







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missing something

I was the person signed up for your workshop last weekend that was cancelled. I wrote a haiku anyway:

Haiku writing class

Now that it's cancelled

I miss it even more


Maybe you will do another one sometime?

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thanx, daphne



next haiku's scheduled for next month at o'hanlon center for the arts in mill valley


(never having been there before, i hear there's a bus 'tho)



gary gach http://word.to

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Lost Notebooks

lost notebooks

i had boxes of correspondence with everyone from Chas. Big Daddy Olson, Creeley, LaVigne, White Rabbit and Aurehahn folks just to name a few

poems, notes marginalia, essays

many things from ANTE magazine I founded in LA with Ed Bullins

went wandering for some years

when I returned to US in 1973

mama had lost it all (1960-65)

no blame

but what a loss it seemed at the time 


Tashi Delek

Peace to all Beings


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“By detachment from appearances, abide in real truth. I tell you, thus shall you think of all this fleeting world: a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream … a flash of lightning in a summer cloud … a flickering lamp, a phantom, a dream.” —Buddha, Diamond Sutra 32

“All flesh is grass, and all its beauty is like the flowers of the field. Grass withers, flowers fade, when the breath of the Lord blows upon them ….”

—Isaiah 40:6–8