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i don't wish to alarm you.  this is just a report of last weekend.

my talk on buddhism & poetry for cherry blossom festival (an ohigan howha) at venice hongwanji buddhist temple went well as did the haiku workshop the next day.  (they'll print some of the haiku in their next newsletter.)  i also attended the ohigan service on sunday, led by a great speaker i'd heard once before here in san francisco. 

 the book launch at beyond baroque for songs for tomorrow by ko un also went well, in an evening shared with amy uyematsu, with whom it was a great honor and delight indeed — as did the haiku workshop at beyond baroque, the next day.  a full and rewarding weekend ... with one glitch.

i'd arrived in l.a. friday the 13th.  the next day, saturday, i was riding on a bike loaned to me by my host, en route to the temple, when this black car going about 15mph out an alley (driven by someone on a sell phone) catapulted me blam! off the bike onto the sidewalk. 

 when i came to, i didn't wait for 911 but got back on my bike and went on to the temple.  i don't think i understood what 911 was at that point ~~~ i just wanted to get out of there (hysterical scene) and go with what i know, in this case, teaching haiku to a bunch of adults and kids.  (aka being on automatic pilot by this point.)


questions?  comments?


the urgent care nurse at kaiser had a ct-scan done yesterday and said it seems normal and my headache and brainfog will clear in 6 weeks.  (i've marked my calendar.)  it's also painful to sit, breathe, etc., but ibuprofen and arnica seem the best, as the medication she'd offer would only make me more dizzy.   the driver gave me her insurance info, so if i need to see an md monday, if pain and woozieness persist, i'll do so; natasha richardson's tragic news keenly comes to mind.


meanwhile, i finished a 2000-word review of the guggenheim exhibition the third mind on influence of buddhism on american art for urthona: buddhism & art.


difficultly (under the circumstances).


but i'm happy with the results.  i'm entitling it


The Moment of American Buddhist Art.


Now onto a piece on American Buddhist literature, for BuddhaDharma, and prepping my Practical Buddhism course for Stanford Continuing Studies (third time I've offered it) and sending out ms. of Chinese poetry & song.


By the way, the urgent care questionnaire had a real koan:


'Did you lose consciousness?'


('how long were you unconscious?')


friday the 13th

a fire engine parks in my space



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Barbara Alexandra Szerlip
VERY sorry to hear about your accident. Was the driver on her cellphone?
I've been "negotiating" a broken bone in my foot, but having temporarily set up shop in Austin (conducting research at the HRC) means NOT having to negotiate the two flights of stairs to and from my apt.
All best.

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sorry to hear about your tootsie, tootsie

glad to hear you're in a healing environ

(yes, she was on sell phone during ... and after)

rsvp when you get back for a cuppa joe