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i walked into a bookstore & signed three copies of my new book last week in so doing i'd like to now offer 2 books to all in the red room who wish to partake for free, (please don't refuse), thanks to interesting, unforseen turns of events.   here's the story ———————————

this week's release from penguin is a completely updated, thoroughly revised third edition of my complete idiot's guide to buddhism. [the link here is to the media page; red room is media, right? ]  AND i'm now more than happy to announce too that anyone who wishes to read the prior, second edition online for free, can do so at books.google.com:


PLUS if you search by my name, gary gach, and you'll find not only said complete idiot's guide to understanding buddhism second edition, (there's a link to it) but also my anthology ...

... what book!? ~~~ buddha poems from beat to hiphop (foreward by red room's own peter coyote) for a while out of print, but parallax has now brought back into print. (it won an american book award, i'm very proud to say)

so you have your option of free online reading, or inksmeared deadtree format ...  what do you think!?

i've always wanted to bring out what's called "a dharma book" or two, free of the cash nexus (NFS = not for sale) etc —- simply to dedicate merit, let truth awaken truth, promulgate love  —— and now books.google.com has enabled me to do so  there are a few pages missing, but you can also search the books [google them] and also enlarge the size on your monitor (to larger than the book itself even) — do you read books there? — i've begun to (currently oparin on origins of life) ...
 beyond that am more than glad to spotlight here the unique features of either or both books, and welcome comments, questions, criticism, etc — but the point also is that not only are there no authors without readers, but here in the red room we're all both readers AND authors (yay!)

may all beings be well

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Thank you Gary

And proud you should be of winning an American Book Award for WHAT BOOK!? ~~ Buddha poems from beat to hiphop. After all, how many of us have one :-)

Earlier today I came across a post on Creative Thinkers International featuring music and art intended to express the buddhic concept of Jambudvipa so coming across your post makes me think there's something in the subject I need to review and apply at this time. Maybe it's time to pull out my huge copy of Kerouac's Some of the Dharma.

I'm more inclined to read excerpts from books on Google than I am entire texts so confess to remaining addicted to the "inksmeared deadtree format." I know, it's time to grow up but what I can say except that I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with your work.

If interested in Christopher Stewart's post on CTI you can find it at this url: http://creativethinkersintl.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-music-of-poligra...

author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)

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Thank you Aberjhani

Thank you for that, brother. The award is indeed a great honor, I can only claim or accept on behalf of the 125 contributors who made the book I merely gathered together. Today I was talking with Reverend Danny Fisher, of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at University of the West and he honored me by telling me it was one of the first books of Buddhism he'd read (he's now an ordained Zen priest as well as a Reverend). So sometimes the Dharma is borne on wings of poetry. My Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism 'spozed to be a direct intro (you might get a smile to see I do quote Langston Hughes), but maybe it could just be how I act and speak at the check out stand ... or interact on the bus. It's not in a book, really. Depending on where you are, you might find a compatible group and sit in. Or just sit with your life quietly for 20 minutes. And maybe you already do!

You don't have to be Buddhist to be influenced by the teachings ... as one in eight Americans say they are these days. Kerouac's Some of the Dharma reminds me of Bob (Zimmerman) Dylan playing folksongs over and over until he got the rhythm and harmony and rhymes in his bread and bone and blood and began writing his own. Have you read Charles Johnson? (Dreamer, about Dr. King Or Middle P:assage) He has an essay on Buddhism you might dig in his book of essays, Turning the Wheel. Jan Willis memoir is also well worth its time. (http://bit.ly/uVgjt for a taste)

And when in San Francisco, please drop by and sit with my mindfulness meditation group at Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples — Rev Howard Thurman, founder.

Meantime, let's keep 'n touch

One Love



The music was nice ... and the Roerich pastel "sangha" is very striking.

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Thanks for the recommendations

So funny you should mention Johnson's DREAMER. I have not read it yet but was looking at it just a couple of days ago.

Meditation twice a day is one the principle balancing points of my life. I dare not walk out the house without my daily morning dose :-)

I quote the following from Thurman at the beginning of The Bridge of Silver Wings 2009: “To continue one’s journey in the darkness with one’s footsteps guided by the illumination of remembered radiance is to know courage of a peculiar kind––the courage to demand that light continue to be light even in the surrounding darkness.”
--Howard Thurman

So yes, I will drop in when next in the Bay Area.


Founder of Creative Thinkers International
author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)