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The Times'.They Are Ah Changing"

   In my youth I believed that if you were in the racial majority there was no reason for you not to have an excellent carreer and, an enormous bank account ;It was just part of ones' birthright. Yet now that the white middle class have become the new 'white trash' there suddenly seems to be more than one shade of white.

   There are the 'milk white' in Washington and on Wall St. who are considered to be the 'elite', you know them, their the hi end Univerasity grads who either went into politics  or, big bussiness and have since distanced and distinguished themselves from the 'Vanilla' and 'beige' whites who earn less than six figures annually, and who exist on the wrong side of the great divide  of opportunity and know-how , and who will never know the joy of living the 'inteligently planned life' that entitles one to pursue their own private "good fortune" (be it as it may) by a series of self- serving, scandal ridden devices and back room bussiness manuevers. the very same ones that have left more 'off-white' americans with circumstances and dilemas that only minorites in reccord numbers, ever knew (i.e. high unemployement, mortgage  foreclosures, and the ultimate  fiasco, bankruptcy!).

   Yet as the lives of countless numbers of the Majority Race are now experiencing the blues, throwing "tea parties", and seriously pondering taking matters into their own hands(i.e. Arizona) in an effort to regain the sure footed social security they've always known and enjoyed; it's very clear that changing tax-brackets still has not given birth to any empathy towards minorites (Well maybe just a little, as donations for Haitian Relief effort have soared into the tens of millions  )  and the plight they have been burden with in record numbers for close to a century.

    Well as Bob Dylan predicted "The Times, They Are Ah Changing"  indeed!