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Autobiography of a Caged Parrot


'What does freedom mean
To him, to her, to you and me
What does it mean to all of us
What does it mean to be free?'

Freedom means to learn, to write,
To dance, to sing
To be a friend of every bird
That fly in the sky swaying their wings.

My friends soar, fly into the sky
Where they find happiness and joy
But I happen to stay in a golden cage.
Where children surround me thinking to be a toy.

No doubt they serve me delicious food
But unfortunately it is to my health no good.
They snatched my happiness and pleasures
by trapping me in this cage,
To exist like this is nothing but a cruel bondage.

I often anguish my miserable condition
To which there is no solution.
O selfish mankind free me from the fangs of slavery!

I want to just be free
And fly high up in the sky
And not like a wretched bird
in the cage die.