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My "At Least Five Words" Are

And my "at least five words" are,

I am participating in NaNoWriMo.

Just saving the rest for my novel.

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an adventure!

I am doing it this year and yes, wondering if I should "save up" my (type-)written words for the next 24 hours.  :-!

 Best of luck!

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Re: an adventure!

Hello and same to you!! Also, inspiration and imagination during this adventure. About the wondering, I shall not dare giving an advice because, how to manage with the words is every writer's private and respectful territory. But I can wish best luck finding the perfect working management. 

And a funny story for an end. Shall be frank, my words are unpredictable. They can behave selfishly at times, I may need them, they won't answer; I wish to repel them, they will rather face me. Sometimes we sympathize with one another. And today I feel they harmonize with me. I shelter them at the start, being a minority, for they will repay growing with the writing. If, of course, they don't fail me.