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I just found out that Alexander McCall Smith, author of the fun series that starts with The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is coming to lovely Lafayette in the East Bay on April 14th. The event is expected to sell out, so I am off to buy a ticket. If you want to come too, visit LLLCF.org.
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Redroom seems like the right place to praise The Way, a movie my husband and I watched last night, due to the suggestion of a friend who will soon be embarking on  the “Way of St. James,” also called El Camino de Santiago. Assuming that everyone here is a thoughtful person—how can you write...
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“If we broke up, would you feel relief or grief,” I asked my boyfriend while hanging out together on the rooftop of a Chelsea apartment building. “A little of both,” he answered, and just like that, I let go of and lost the man I thought I would marry. The fact that he did not fight to keep me...
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Yesterday, when I was backing away, thinking I wasn’t needed as a volunteer after all, the volunteer coordinator caught my eye and said, “I still need another person at the finish line. Can you work there?” So there I was at the finish line, clapping as every high school Cross Country racer crossed...
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My sister-in-law is my favorite female athlete. It’s not just her triathlons, but her ability to help other people become athletes that is impressive and inspirational. She’s also the most immodest person I know.   Don’t get me wrong—she’s not in the least bit promiscuous or vain or self-...
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An excursion with a cackle of women found me in the back of an old van. We were having a blast on our way to the Butterfly Garden in Pacific Grove. When it came time to push myself out of the far reaches of the vehicle, I put my left leg out. Just the one leg. The other was delayed due to someone’s...
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This morning, while trying to stay somewhat asleep as I pulled another blanket on myself, a thought suddenly struck me: it’s Christmas and I haven’t done the stockings! Panic! I sprung up, scurried downstairs, and ran around in my husband’s boxer shorts, ignoring the chill on my bare legs and feet...
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As a member of the online community of Shelfari.com, I receive regular inquiries that ask, "Should I read The Shack?" From now on, I'd like to point the inquirers to a brief review here... The Shack creatively tackles complicated spiritual challenges, such as how to forgive when...
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My cab driver did not show up at 7 a.m. as planned the night before. After twenty minutes passed, I told the hotel clerk, "You've got to take me. The cab you said would be here is NOT here, and a live TV show is something you can not be late for." Just as he was conceding to take me, a...
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How can I not speak on this week’s topic? Forgiveness is critical to a life that involves relationships, whether they be with family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, or people who bag your groceries. And what is a life if it doesn’t involve relationships? Without forgiveness, we live in angst. I...
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    Criticism is a kill-joy, even when it’s not personally directed at us. As a kid, I remember feeling slightly wounded when my mother criticized our neighbors for buying a house they couldn’t afford to furnish. They had a big house with indefinitely empty rooms. I understood my mom (she worked...
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Seven Pounds is confusing—not because of its complex plot that leaves you bewildered for the first twenty minutes (or longer if you miss the significance of the killer jellyfish) – but because of the life and death questions it evokes. I saw the movie with a few teenagers and wondered as we sat in...
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My husband turned away from the computer after checking his email, lowered his head, and made a quiet but indescribable noise.    “What happened? What’s the matter? Did someone die?” I asked, myself abruptly standing because I don’t take bad news sitting down.    Worse. Death in the worst way....
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I am collecting stories of satisfying acts of service for VOLUME TWO of THE SOCIAL CAUSE DIET and all are welcome to submit. Please visit http://www.socialcausediet.com for more information. The introduction for VOLUME ONE follows. Introduction to The Social Cause Diet Volunteering and health...
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