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ummmmmmmm..... last time I posted here I wasn't officially a published author. I wasn't divorced. I hadn't moved to a flat on the other side of town. I wasn't yet addicted to facebook. I hadn't flirted with then dropped twitter. I hadn't been hit by an SUV. I wasn't hula-hooping regularly.  
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After four intense days taking our daughter to college and one day home to wash clothes and then 7 hours up to Madeline Island in Lake Superior and three days of outdoor bliss... running, kayaking, biking, sitting around the campfire until 3 am every night, I returned to my life in fast motion....
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I know the word cancer scares people. It scares me. But that is part of the reason I wrote this memoir, to try to de-stigmatize cancer for other survivors. I believe it is one of the last standing taboos. But Katie Schwartz, who never had cancer and WAS afraid to read it, just wrote THE most...
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My trip to NYC to the Backspace conference was exciting and exhausting and a taste of what's to come in the months ahead. At yoga last night I was describing what it feels like to launch (pre-launch) a book to one of the yoga instructors and I said it was like getting married, giving birth and...
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I had my 2 and a half year check-up on Tuesday and while I don't like getting MRI's, not only is it freaky to lie face down and get sucked into that narrow tube and feel ice-cold potentially poisonous contrast coursing through my veins and listen to that loud erratic avant-garde tap tap...
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A married couple I know told me (and several other couples at a cocktail party) that they have sex every day... sometimes twice a day or more. They are not newly married. They've been together for more than ten years. And if one of them travels they make up for it by doubling up. The woman kept...
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Cancer Is a Bitch cover-3.jpg
notice anything? It's my cover!! A cartoon of me. Weird? Cool? What do you think?
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I needed something to write on yesterday. Something other than my computer which has morphed into a devilish link to all sorts of juicy, distractable distractions that might respond to me now. Or in another second. How can I not keep clicking all my inboxes to see? So, no I wanted pen on paper. I...
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