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Mill Valley, California
My late husband was a musician, 1st violinist with the S.F. Symphony, concert soloist, conductor and chamber music player.
Dec 2010

Gabriella Mautner was born and raised in Chemnitz, East Germany. At the onset of the Nazi regime her family left for Turin, Italy. Shortly before WWII she moved with her parents to Holland. In the midst of the war, barely escaping a call to leave for concentration camp, the family fled through Nazi-occupied Belgium and France to reach safety in Switzerland.

During her adolescence she wrote poetry and a novel in German, as well as stories in Italian. After settling in the United States she began writing in English, which turned out to be her fifth language.

Her first novel, OUT OF A SEASON, was published by Thomas Y. Crowell, New York, in 1968, followed in 1986 by LOVERS AND FUGITIVES, Mercury House, San Francisco. Both works received a number of fine reviews, and were republished after the turn of the century by Replica Books, in hardcover as well as paperback.

In 2002 she completed a work of nonfiction, THE GOOD PLACE, a memoir of her early childhood in Germany in the 1920s, followed by her return to the place of her birth at the end of the century. Her many encounters with local citizens transforms the journey into a quest for reconciliation. The author translated her book into German, which was published in 2004 by the Chemnitzer Verlag under the title, DER GUTE ORT, in conjunction with DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag), one of the largest German pocket book publishers. The work was serialized in the "Freie Presse" of Chemnitz, which covers the entire province of Saxony. In the spring of the following year she was invited to give several readings at the Book Fair in Leipzig, as well as in Chemnitz.

In the fall of 2006 THE GOOD PLACE was republished by Replica Books in its original English version.

Gabriella received a Bachelor and Master's degree In English/​Creative Writing from the San Francisco State University. She taught creative writing at the College of Marin, San Francisco State University, and has been on the staff of the Fromm Institute, at the University of San Francisco, for the last 26 years.

Her accolades include:
A residency at the Djerassi Foundation in Woodside, California.
In 1993, Gabriella won a competition for her short story, "Water Lilies", published in London by "The European", an international weekly newspaper.
During the late nineties, she was awarded a Marin Arts Grant.
In the fall of 2008, she received the prestigious Milley Award for creative achievement in the literary arts.

Gabriella is just about to publish a new novel, ADDIO POSITANO, set in the south of Italy.

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