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Writing the love scene

There is one thing I dread when it comes to writing, it is doing the love scene. What? But you're a romance writer? How can this be?

 Crazy but true! I find them so difficult because I want them to be a perfect a melding of body, heart and soul. It just isn't the mechanics. That would be too easy. I can open any medical guide and write the act in medical terms but that is not sexy. And that is the point. The love scene needs to be sexy and sensual, heart rendering, passionate and emotional. They need to move the two people emotionally, spiritually and physically. So much goes into something that lasts less than 5 pages. Yup, I am not the long winded kind. Sorry no flowery prose or excessive heaving going on in my bedroom scenes.  But how do I get it out and make it realistic and romantic?

Well, I asked fellow author  Sofia Quintero aka Black Artemis to discuss the fine nuances of what it takes to write a moving love scene.


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It's hard not to make a love

It's hard not to make a love scene too much like cheesy porn or a corny romance novel page. I honestly don't know where the line is. I sympathize.

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Hi Jett, LOL. Too true. Hope

Hi Jett,

LOL. Too true. Hope you checked out the guest blogger's comments. She does a great job of figuring it out.