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To Self-Pub or not Self-Pub, that is the question?

This has been one of the areas I have thought to dabble but for some reason am a bit afraid. Deep down I know I have a book that is too different to find a home in the NYC houses and even isn't perfect for e-pubs. I have shopped it around to every house I could think of to be rejected. Still I have hope that my novel will find a home. So, I do look to self-publishing but then I worry about marketing the book correctly. It is a gothic romance with ghosts and murder. It has received mixed-reviews from those who have read it. (sigh) Who knows maybe one day I will have the nerve to put it up for the world to see until then I will look for wisdom and inspiration from those that dared to do the self-pub route and succeeded. Dara England is on my blog today talking about murder, mayhem and the art of self-publishing,. www.GabriellaHewitt.com/blog/