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Thirteen Cool Online Multicultural Magazines

1..HUMAN NATURE http://www.humannaturemag.com/
Celebrating a world of Diversity in America

2..VIDA AFRO-LATINA http://www.vidaafrolatina.com/
Homage to the Afro-Latin community

3..ABCD LADY http://www.abcdlady.com/
American Born Confident Desi (Desi = Indians not living in India)

4..ESSENCE MAGAZINE http://www.essence.com/essence/
The Beauty of Black Women

5..LATINA STYLE MAGAZINE http://www.latinastyle.com/
National magazine for the contemporary Hispanic woman

6..DVERCITY NEW MAGAZINE http://www.dvercity.com/magazine.html
Promoting diversity

7..ASIANCE MAGAZINE http://asiancemagazine.com/
Connecting Asian Amereican Women to the World

8..NATIVE PEOPLES MAGAZINE http://www.nativepeoples.com/
Native American life past and present

9..URBAN MOZAIC http://www.urbanmozaik.com/
A Unique Multicultural magazine celebrating cultural diversity

10..SKIPPING STONES MAGAZINE http://www.skippingstones.org/index.html
Children’s International Multicultural magazine

11..HISPANIC ONLINE http://www.hispaniconline.com/
Hispanic Woman’s Magazine and Hispanic Business Magazine

12..ARAB MEDIA http://www.arabmedia.com/
Serving the Arab-American Community in the United States

13..EVERYBODY’S MAGAZINE http://www.everybodysmag.com/
The Caribbean-American Magazine

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