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Steampunk and other hype

Went to a Romance Writer's luncheon with editors, publishers and agents, during the summer and all the buzz was about the genres that were in vogue -- YA, urban fantasies, paranormals, and steampunk.

Now the concensus was that paranormals were getting saturated and only the best of the best were going to get through, still there was a call to see more.  Urban Fantasy needed to be fresh and new and have to really stand out-- but of course it is still categorized fantasy.

YA was super HOT! Too bad I don' write any. Still they wanted mostly girl vs. vampre type lit. Sorry but I can't be Stephanie Meyers. 

Then there was the glitch so to speak, the call for Steampunk. Now I had heard of the genre but haven't read much only one and mostly I wouldn't even label it that because to me it was a historical paranormal romance.  One big publisher and respected Chief Editor admitted she wasn't into it and honestly didn't see the numbers to prove it was big, another agent said that she had agents hounding her for it, and another editor at a different house said she didn't read it at all and don't send it to her. 

So for the life of me I am confused.

But if media is to be any indicator of what is hot and what is not, then new movie  Sucker Punch, a fantasy, thriller, action flick in a Steampunk setting will be all the rage, right? Well I guess it is a wait and see  how it does in  the box office.

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