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Spreading my wings and other things

Got word through the grapevine there is a new line about to be made for a respected romance publisher that wants something with a too hot to handle vibe. I am foraying into the world of erotica. I read them, I  like them, some better than others and I find that they are a bit spicier than I normally write.

 I woke up one day and had this solicitious, amorous herione begging for her story to be told. So I started jotting her down and next thing I knew I had a heroine unlike any other I have ever had written before. She was bold, unafraid and desired a hero with ten times more libidio than any other hero I have known before.

 So I outlined it and I swear I didn't fall out of my chair laughing at the ridiculous amount of sexual situations and intimate positions. That was a step forward and when a close firend of mine read it she didn't call me names of the worst kind and neither did I embarrass her. I take this as a good sign.

 Well, I am off to go spread my heroine's wings and other things too naughty to mention on a public forum;)

Gabriella Hewitt