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So much to do, so little time

AHH!! I am on the verge and seriously needing an assistant and a mai tai.  Not necessarily in that order.  My latest book is about to release and I just finished up the last round of edits, got the cover art approved, booked a massive blog tour, working with music editors for the trailer, and plugging away at latest novel.  All of this in less than one week. I am exhausted, over-tired and half insane. Why did I want to be a writer agian? Oh yeah, b/c I love it.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a writer of a extrem sports player.  

I love the excitment. What excitement? Being a writer is not exactly a dare devil sport but for the most part it is. You take huge risks. You are banking on something that no one might ever bother to buy, read or sell. Yet, we continue to throw ourselves into these books and then pitch them all over ht place. So in a way I am a risk-taker, high flyer, kowabunga style dudette...you get my point.

 But most likely you will agree I am not an extreme anything but for sure yuo could equate me to a chicken without a head running all over the place.

This week I am answering questions and running around at Romance Author hotspot, along withother writer, editors and agents fielding questions.