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...on being shameless

There is nothing more stressful than promoting your book, right? Wrong! It is promoting a book before it even hits the stands. That is the advice I have heard from countless authors, as well as, my agent. Everyone says not to wait to the last minute to get your name out there and start hocking your goods. But it just feels strange to me to go around tooting your horn when you have nothing to toot. Well, not exactly nothing. The book is contracted and in the publishers hands. When will it be released you ask? I can't tell you. What does the cover look like? Again, I'm sorry but that's a secrett too. What is the story about? Well, it is about Aztec Warriors and demons and vengeful gods and beautiful women who save the world. Any more details and I will request you sign a waver. Good grief!

 I want to be shameless and shout my book to the heavens and make people get all happy to want to read it but without the book in my hands I feel I am selling air.  (SIGH) Still I must build up buzz even if it is a whisper on the wind.

 So I turn to Eve Langlais to help me learn the ropes on shameless promotions. Check out her advice today on Meet An Author Monday www.GabriellaHewitt.com