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Kindle Me
Dark Waters ~ Now available on Kindle!

I got my kindle for Christmas. I opened it early and downloaded a mess of books filled with lust, smut, and juicy bits. Yes, I love romance. I am a junkie.  I'm going to re-wrap it and put it under the tree. This year Santa is being good to me.

Only issue is that I can't download all the ebooks I already have on my computer. This is a bummer to me. I have so many wonderful ebooks now trapped on my computer. Dag nabbit! Oh well, I guess I will have to figure out how to get them onto a portable screen so that I can read them all poolside once the sun comes out to shine. So in the meantime my delectable smut will be stuck on the pc and linger in technology hell. 

PS. Isn't my friend's dog cute.