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Gabriela Tijerina's Writings

part one
Andrea is a very independent 29 year old girl , who went to live by herself as soon as she could. She didn´t like to study, nor to have anybody telling her what to do. She has the wonderful hability to dance very well, and has in her life studied in different accademies and workshops . So she is a dancing teacher who though of the great idea of go in a day time...
Short Story
I was taught to always obey : at home, at school, grown ups , etc. And I always knew that if I obey, I wouldn´t get in trouble, and I would make people happy. Now I have read so much about not to expect your children to obey in everything, because  then , they don´t have a chance to decide by themselves. Anyway, I married at 21, with a man I knew for a little...
My parents  live by themselves in a little appartment. I (51 years old) try to go visit them twice or three times per week. The way we talk during that 2 hour visit about "just anecdotes from the past" makes us have such a good time, that everytime I arrive to visit they get very happy and so do I. We usually laugh a lot,  and if someone doesn´t...
Some people just "know" what they are good at. But I thinkthe majority don´t. And since anybody can learn almost anything, there are a few very special things we are good at , that is that we have it in our inside. But sometimes we don´t know it , until someone tells us , or by repeating that special thing, and the way it comes out ¨good" ,...