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Opposite of letting something go

I heard someone said : " I deserved it"  . It´been a long while ,that as a MOther and wife you keep doing "things for". Some times they appreciate , some times don´t. And then it becomes a habit to just be looking what else to do for people in the family. And then all of a sudden, there is an opportunity  of getting something, or doing something , just for you,  immediately  "guilt arrives".  Why, why can´t we give ourselves  something that we want, when there has been some years of doing things for others?

Reading here in red Room, about sacrifice , again (a little guilt comes to me) when I am writting about the opposite. But I think it is very important to do things for ourselves. To enjoy, to say NO to do things one doesn´t want to do, even thou you might hurt people , to stay at home maybe doing "nothing" while family is expecting you to go to that special event.  Why not? I will say YES , we have to ,  we deserved to , it´s part of learning to be happy in this life.  Although I have to  recognize , the pleasure of giving, is maybe a little more enjoyable  and we should do both.

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Your post comes handy for me

Your post comes handy for me today! Yes, I agree that the pleasure of giving is much more fulfilling when we do both. However, sometimes the giving tips over too much on the other side and we forget ourselves, deplete our energy and then we wonder why we are fatigued or short of patience.

Today is my day! I am staying home and doing nothing. I am giving up attending what I normally attend to on Sundays (here in the Philippines)to re-charge and just give myself a pleasant break! Guilt used to set in at the thought but not today.

Thank you for your post, I feel validated with my decision to think of myself for today and do nothing :-)