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México City
Jul 2009

Born in Monterrey N.L.Mexico 54 years ago in a beautiful family of 4 girls , 1 boy. With very loving parents which till now ( 78 and 81 ) love each other very much.
They taught us to be honest, working, loving people, that is why my marriage didnt work out after 16 years and three beautiful kids: 2 girls, one boy. I wanted so much to be loved and to love somebody, but my husband was a very cold , igloo man.
But the divorce gave me the opportunity to meet someone new with whom I have been married for 13 years. The most loving man I have ever known. So life give us several chances to be happy, enjoy life , and do what we enjoy more in doing.


I love to write about life everyday things. My language is Spanish, so it is a challange to write in English, but I love it.

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La Burbuja Rosa (Pink Bubble)

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