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Hope for Africa

the paranoia of efficacy
shh i sneeze
out of the executive parliamentary
of the system
bush, he fought
obama, he executed
plans for war
I rebuke to stand in directory
But to move an idea into existence
That surpasses the affricate
Of borne belief in right to live
And enjoy
So associate to exenterate the
Atrocities committed to the disarray of families,
Friends, people 2 meet everyday
In d wake of commitment
to existence
It’s no right, when
Not to reap and the work incomparable,
Unappreciated yet surpasses to generate
A sufficient great interest to the government
And the people they serve.

Africans, let’s rejoice for the great people
Men and women, boys and girls we’re created
Of beauty and genuine strength
Ability and capability to excel
In anywhere particular soil we dwell
And the time is now
To deliver our African soil
The land of great resources and intellectuals
To freedom and liberty for the people
To the desire of great life believe in
To good roads, stable electricity, great house
Like African do, with bricks not woods,
Beautiful sufficient, mansion-able, well built efficacies
The knowledge to expand and utilize to best resources
The time is now!
To move forward and regain the benefits of the land
And the investors, entrepreneurs and great people across
The globe
Come to enjoy, to build, to contribute
That is called
The people have a say

This is a new hope for Africa