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Aug 2008

In a world of mystery where for over 5000 years, people wonder at creation, scientists ponder on discoveries, theologists debate especially on biblical scriptures, wise government leaders understand there are superior powers, and philosophers and scholars, including artists seek to merge history, ideas and reality for a reasonable conclusion. Yet, men have lived so successful, and the question is where are they now? The life in them, irrespective of the offspring, which raises a cause for virtue in every individual, and more especially, in consideration of the belief of life after death.

 My name is Gabriel Omowaye, Jr. I am a lover of Knowledge, and God is a giver of Wisdom. I value life and appreciate creation.  I attended many schools, and I have met almost all kinds of people. Means to make the world a better place is my goal, and my community is my major concern. Writing is one of my tools to connect to the outside world; and with Red Room, I think I just flew past the sky!

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"... easily satisfied with the best" - Winston Churchill/Oscar Wilde