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Gabriel de Anda's Books

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Gabriel S. de Anda, a practicing attorney as well as a writer, lives in Los Angeles, California. These nine stories of speculative fiction were written between the late 1980’s to the present, and include not only the New Weird tale, “The Crystal Heart,” but the science fiction short story “Par Autre Vie,” chosen by judge and author James Van Pelt as one of the story winners in the...
Scissors, Rock and Paper Doll
Clay Tyler, former Iceman for Axis military intelligence, has been hired by the wealthy heir of Tiano-Song Empirix to locate a young woman who apparently doesn’t want to be found. But as he struggles to understand the shroud of mystery surrounding this assignment, it becomes increasingly --- and dangerously --- clear that TSE are not the only ones looking for her.
Tweny-three year old Christian is living through a most interesting time. His girlfriend has left him. His attorney boss is on the run, having stolen from the wrong person. His best friend has come out of the closet and declared his love. A beautiful art teacher 14 years his senior is offering to teach him the pleasures and pitfalls of the flesh. And as if that were not...