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My 13yr Old, Son...
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I miss him, I miss him so...I'm  hurt, I hurt so much...he's my son too.

Two young men, children, brothers, sons, cousins have died; one lost his life, the other lost his soul and their mother/fathers lost their son.  I believe in miracles; it took, takes, moves us in tragedy to create something better.  Remember our sons, keep our daughters, pray for one another.  Harlem, you have held it together for so long, channel our children to use the community for entrepreneurial ventures, building the climate of leadership in their future. 

I've always believed in you, believe in me; let me feel your wind...this will save our children.

I am a witness, Christ can save lives; this is the concern, having a place that is their own.  A space.   This is dedicated to the family that lost their sons, cousins...parents, siblings... from the vexation of a gun in the hands of a child.

From G. Lyles, The Return of a King