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Spirit of Truth...

In the "Spirit of Truth", there is something peculiarly unsatisfying and dangerous about the language arts of politics.  When a national figure (Hillary Clinton) invokes the demonic ambitions of a scenario that has killed some of our greatest past leaders, leaders who have endured the hardships of racism, hatred, national chaos, and the lone delusion of superiority in mitigating "Separate but Equals" legislative ignorance.  This, in a time of historical precedence, to even suggest, mention, or call attention to such suicidal political rhetoric of competition in the use of a word that conjures the hurt of our nation in the "assassination" of it's promise to it's African American "Problem", who have lead the world by their example of endurance. 

Hillary Clinton riding upon her husband's presumed legacy of equal opportunity has reached the zenith of political expedience is presenting to the world an undeniable trajectory of "win at all cost" political arrogance.  At this stage, even the "American people" must know they will be sold out to the highest bidder should she become the Democratic Nominee.  I understand politics, yet I also understand the Machiavellian spirit of deception, and sabotage.  And, her blatant desperation, and shock that a man from nowhere could usurp the political machine of the Clinton's.

Hillary, these have been your tactics: racism with a faceless maliciousness guided by separatism of the Democratic party.  I understand that should Barack Obama choose you as his Vice Presidential selection, that it would unite the party, but again, at what cost to the future of having the first African American president, and the first woman Vice President with a hidden agenda that again secretly sabotages this effort.

I believe Barack Obama is optimistic to believe the American people are smarter than that.  However, as I walk around Harlem with members of the Gitome Group, among our new white neighbors, sneering at the presence of this historic personage of a people, people who have changed the landscape of our democracy for good.  When, so called Americans held their faith to the detrimental application of hatred seasoned with patriotism.  I hope the American people are smarter than their racist past, that has hurt the very fabric of democracy, equality, and our nation's future.

I only speak in the spirit of truth...