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Author appearances get easier

My first appearance as an author reading at a bookstore a few months ago was terrifying.  I was afraid nobody would show up.  I was afraid too many people would show up.  I was afraid people would ask brilliant, insighful questions and my responses all be the same  --  "Um, I'm not sure..."

But people did show up.  They asked thoughtful questions, and they were supportive.  I was able to speak - not comfortably, but I got the words out. 

My second appearance was a little easier.  The third appearance, at my neighborhood bookstore, attended mainly by friends and neighbors, was even easier.  Then my fourth appearance tonight, despite having the largest audience of all, was almost fun. 

Public speaking is supposed to be the most common fear adults have, and I'm no exception.  Yet just about anyone who wants to be an author spends some time daydreaming about appearing for readings and signings -- and public speaking about their book. 

When the day actually arrived, it wasn't so easy. 

But it did get better. The best part is feeling immense gratitude for the people who have genuine interest in the subject matter of critical thinking, and who took the trouble to come to the events, and who shared their own thoughts. Sitting at a keyboard, it's far too easy to think writing is about the words on the screen.  It's nice to be reminded that writing is really about the people the words are written for. 

G. Randy Kasten

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Happy New Year Randy, I

Happy New Year Randy, I always thought that lawyers were tough, a civil litigation attorney at that!  Public speaking never an issue especially when it's time to argue in court.  Interesting to note that as an author, making an appearance/public speaking turns out to be quite the opposite?

Or maybe I simply watch too much Law and Order?  :-)

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Public speaking


Thanks -  yes, it's s a strange situation, at least in appearance.  I'm very comfortable speaking in court, but in court, there is always a clear position to advocate. While it's personal in the sense that I want to win every single time, court appearances aren't about the attorney. They're about facts, law and making good presentations. In that role, I expect to be attacked and criticized if the other side is doing their job well, but it's never something to take personally. 

When an author speaks, the author is not only making the delivery, but is  also entirely responsible for the subject matter. That feels more personal, although as I noted, it doesn't have to be that way. Those public appearances aren't really about the author, but about ideas (or feelings) that have enough substance to resonate with readers. I didn't see that immediately. 

I talk about shows like Perry Mason and Law and Order in my book- but don't get me started on that subject here! 

Thanks for your comments, and Happy 2012 to you.