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Many years ago in a far distant land and in a time long since forgotten, there was a magical kingdom, and this kingdom was called Hootersville. It was a wonderful place to live, full of friendly people and always so much fun to be had, there were games for the children and plenty of entertainment...
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What's the best part about getting old? Can you think of any? Growing old with the one you love... Seeing the years go by... Telling your grandkids of the things that happened years ago way before their time.. Sitting on the porch and watch the sunset... whatever it is, it is yours to enjoy.. I...
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Passion.. What is passion? There was a phase in my life that I have so much passion in me that I felt I was going to do great things. But then something happened and along with it, took my passion and burning desire away. Now I'm left as an empty shell where I have to live day by day and rise with...
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Not knowing what to type down in this blog,I suddenly thought of what happened two years ago during my badminton games I had with my dear friend. Instead of playing seriously,we were constantly goofing around throughout the whole game. We were having so much fun under the sunny sky we didn't even...
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