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I'm still too young for this...don't you think so?!
Sep 2008

Born in the year 1990, G.G never expected that later on in her life the art of writing would revolve around her.It was pure coincidence that lit her interest in becoming a writer.It all started when one day having nothing to do she started scribbling on a blank paper,letting her mind loose.Reading back at her after work she found it crappy & laughed at it,convinced that writing was not her strong point.That piece of writing was chucked away,forgotten till a year later when old bones were dug up again only did she recover her first previous work..


What truly influenced me were the thought of admiration for all those published writers in their stories of fascinating encounters.They are able to elaborate their written words which leads the readers in futhering through till the very last page written.

The exciting books I've read.

The astounding writers.

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*Wars Of The Hearts*The Prosecuting Child of God*Mirror My Life*If You Dare,Do Come In*Which Is The Real Fraulein Feliya?*In Jyn's Jeans.

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Sometimes I enjoy doing outdoor activities such as cycling,swimming and badminton.But then again it depends on my mood.There are indoor activities that I enjoy doing too such as...Shopping & Sleeping!LOL!But what I enjoy the most is having a book in my hands with no disturbance or whatsoever.