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Oct.08.2010 - 6:19 am
Many years ago in a far distant land and in a time long since forgotten, there was a magical kingdom, and this kingdom was called Hootersville. It was a wonderful place to live,...
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Jul.03.2010 - 11:43 am
What's the best part about getting old? Can you think of any? Growing old with the one you love... Seeing the years go by... Telling your grandkids of the things that happened...
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May.26.2010 - 12:05 pm
Passion.. What is passion? There was a phase in my life that I have so much passion in me that I felt I was going to do great things. But then something happened and along with it...
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Oct.02.2008 - 1:45 am
Not knowing what to type down in this blog,I suddenly thought of what happened two years ago during my badminton games I had with my dear friend. Instead of playing seriously,we...
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Short Story: Realms
Poem: My little me
Short Story: Alone, I Perish.

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Jul.03.2010 - 6:48 am
In response to: passion
Thank you for sparing time to read and reply my blog.. Much appreciated. Both of you are right. Whether it is now or...
Jan.17.2009 - 3:03 am
In response to: Forget about a thousand monkeys and their typewriters
Saying hi to Amy. I'm not your biggest fan nor have I ever read your books...but astonishingly I stumbled upon your...