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“In this moving and intelligent novel, lovers, friends, faiths, and families are both lost and found, like motifs in a piano concerto that rediscover themselves over time, changed yet familiar. If the collaborative and connecting nature of music is one emblem in A Matter of Choice, the business of law is another: it too can order, but also divide and betray. Between the two motifs, G. Carlos Smith's characters, whether gay or straight or somewhere in between, face the difficulty and rewards of composing a life. The rewards are also ours just for listening – if we choose.”

~ William Handley, Professor of English, USC

"A Matter of Choice is a contemporary drama that follows the lives of two friends with all their ups and downs along the way. The psychological and emotional struggles prevalent in G. Carlos Smith's first novel parallel those in today's society and make for an intense read that nearly everyone can relate to. It's not only a story of self discovery, but of friendship, life and, most importantly, love."

~ J.L. Langley, best-selling author of The Tin Star, The Broken H, and others

"A Matter of Choice is a fairy tale for our time. As in all fairy tales, love conquers, one way or another, in this case, the destructive social and legal forces faced. In his debut novel, G. Carlos weaves a meaningful and powerful plot where love and commitment have the magical power to transcend labels and laws and to dignify and empower those within its embrace."

~ Miranda McGowan, Professor of Law (racial and gender identity; law and literature), University of San Diego

"Throughout this novel, Marcus and Conrad make choices which have a direct effect on their own lives and on those around them. While the bond they have as children cracks, it does not break; and they find themselves turning to each other for help during a tumultuous and emotional decade. The musical pieces chosen for this novel, pieces that Marcus and Conrad play in competition, accentuate the emotional atmosphere to this story, as the two men struggle with the decisions they have made in their lives. "A Matter of Choice" is the perfect title for this beautiful and romantic story of love triumphant!"

~ Larry Coles, author of the best-selling novel, Freshman Pledge: The Magic of Love