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The Hint of a Dream Fulfilled

November 5, 2009 The Hint of a Dream Fulfilled

I’ve had a longing deep in my soul, for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I couldn’t even verbalize it, but still it burned within me. It was a desire for a meaning and a purpose to my life, that the awful things I lived through be changed and transformed to an ultimate blessing. I was profoundly compelled; the person that I was, within the pain, the overeating and the out of control emotions dreamed of one day, experiencing the modification that would reveal a purpose far beyond myself. Today, I have a hint of the dream fulfilled. It feels a bit like dreaming at night and awakening to a whisper of what the dream was and yet a feeling of the immensity of the whole dream. The book that I have written, “Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma,” is that dream. It is the transforming work that flips the suffering of my youth to the healing of many who suffer. The dream extended to not only writing the book, but longing for it to impact the lives of innumerable people who are hurting so bad that they are immobilized. Today, I have a hint of what is to come and my soul is shouting, “Glory to my God, who makes all things possible!” A Bible College, Seminary and Chaplain Accreditation has chosen to add my book as a part of their Certificate Program; moreover, “Flame of Healing,” is the only book addressing spiritual healing that they are adding to their program. My heart wants to sing, for the honor and for the credibility this bestows on the book. It is just the beginning; I can hardly wait!

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Wow,what a gift you have given yourself and others!
I read a book last year with a similar theme.Have you heard of Dave Peltzer? he was supposedly one of the worst child abuse cases in the state of CAlifornia.I was both riveted and horrified by his book "A Boy called It",as well as two others included in his trillogy,which depicted his tenuous teen years in foster homes and his redemption as an adult,when he confronted his mother(the abuser) and forgave her,then went out leaturing all over the country about child abuse.He turned the unspeakable abuse that he suffered as a young child into helping others as an adult.Being an abuse survivor I know firsthand how diffiicult it is to break the chain of abuse.Dave did it.He married and had a son.And they are a happy family. I did it too,evven though my story isn't as bad as his.My grown kids are emotionally healthy and my daughter is a loving caring mom.what a gift!
BEst of luck to you,and God bless.
May you continue moving forward in your healing.
feel free to contct me if you would like to share more.
Heather Koelle