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Second Chances
My life has been nearly perfect. For that, I am grateful. (Sort of.)We all know that nearly perfect just doesn’t cut it these days.So, I changed my life, rewrote it, and now it’s all first-rate.Action packed! Really snappy. Why did I do this? Because, I prefer to hang out with the cool kids — the popular kids. The ones that really matter. If I can do this, you...
A rollicking adventure through time and the seven seas! Hundreds of fascinating TRUe facts and TRUE stories about our most famous denizens of the deep! Tons of fun -- amidst the carnage.
  Rock Invasion Fred Barnett has a vision and perspective we do not see every day. For example, his version of the history of Rock n’ Roll is a little different than I heard it told. From what I understood, Elvis kind of started it all, and then he influenced many others, such as Buddy Holly, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys, and then they spawned a culture of music that formed...