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Second Chances (2013) Brand New!
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Second Chances Description: A collection of very funny and bizarre short stories. Two drama addicted lovers who crave complete devastation, as a weekend hobby. / A young cannibal, Mmbop, who finds a special gift for his girlfriend. / A detective and his childhood sweetheart paint a schoolroom with their own blood. / A boy, and his pet dino, spread terror and porn among the elderly at the Adams hotel. / Three young L.A. surfers, ride real tidal waves, much further than they’d ever imagined, in the predawn hours of March 28, 1964. / Johnny Passion, a swingin’ Greek Goddess, and two aliens bring you the true story of Rock n? Roll. / Dave, a human black hole, is reborn under his house with his not-so-dead cats. / A desperate husband who won’t sell his family’s brains to a zombie, even for a million bucks. / Mel, a genie, who runs off with his dead master’s mistress. / Ether and Anesthesia Gray. Blah, blah, blah. These kids are deadly bores. 


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