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The Autobiography of Frau Adolf Hitler, a novel by Frank Sanello

from HubPagesA Brilliant New Look at the Private Life and Perversions of Adolf Hitler
by Christopher Antony Meade United Kingdom Hub Author
Finally a great novel of the twenty first century and about Adolf Hitler too!
I am one of those readers who yawn at the prospect of reading either science-fiction or historical novels. My notion of hell would be to be forced to spend an eternity wading through books that purport to take me into a realm that I could never enter myself.

My horror would be further increased by being told by the devilish librarian that the book portrayed a parallel universe. Satan will now have to think again. That torture no longer holds any fears for me. I've just read a volume that is a historical novel and also takes the reader into a parallel universe. I have to say that this book is one of the very best I've read and I'm penning this short review, in order to introduce it to the wider readership, that its quality and breadth of vision undoubtedly deserve.There have been many novels written about World War II and the characters that were the leading lights in that great conflict. The Pyramids of Giza could probably be wallpapered with the books which have been written about Adolf Hitler alone. How often has a publisher not sighed in exasperation when yet another tome about the Second World War lands on his desk? What is needed to set the publishing and reading world on fire is a book that treats the last great worldwide conflagration with some imagination and originality.

I have to tell you that such a piece of literature has at last been completed. The book which I am about to review is one of the most startlingly original of anything that it has been my pleasure to peruse in recent years. I am speaking about The Autobiography of Frau Adolf Hitler, born Countess Christina Bernadotte, translated and edited by historian and novelist Frank Sanello.

 What you will be acquiring, if you purchase this book, is a panoramic and intimate insight into the world surrounding Adolf Hitler. This will be presented to you through the words of the evil dictator’s wife. I am not talking about the insipid and frivolous Eva Braun.

Rather the genius of Mr Sanello has told the story of the Third Reich from the point of view of the wife, which nobody knew Hitler had. Countess Bernadotte, according to the story, was forced to wed Adolf by her ambitious Nazi loving mother. She detested her husband for more than just his political ruthlessness. He had some pretty disgusting sexual depravities as well, the details of which are portrayed graphically in the book. I will only say here that the words “walking”,”dog” and “brown” figure in the description of this perversion.

I don't wish to give away too much of the story. But I will tell you that Countess Bernadotte, or Mrs Hitler, if you prefer, proceeds, from her position at the centre of the evil conspiracy to conquer the world, to try and mitigate some of its worst excesses.

She sets up an organisation to save as many Jews as possible from the Holocaust. To help her do this she has to flatter some seriously odious characters. Hermann Goring is among the more evil of them. Towards the end of the book there is a chapter which shows this loathsome Reich Marshal in all his absolute odiousness.

The more minor characters are no less well portrayed in this gripping novel than the central participants. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor are shown to us in all their ridiculous and idiotic vanity. The intrepid countess also has a meeting with the less than sympathetic Pope Pius XII.

I must at this stage take issue with Mr Sanello regarding the picture he paints of this great Pontiff. Pope Pius has been disgracefully treated by some ill-informed historians in recent years. It takes away somewhat from this, otherwise excellent, book to see the libel being repeated yet again. Still it is a very well crafted, if inaccurate, picture.

The saddest part of this book is, that while its heroine exhausted her strength and risked her life, in trying to save thousands of the victims of this evil time, she was not shown the gratitude or the appreciation that she should have been, by the co-religionists of the people she helped. To find out what happens you will just need to read the book.

The touching relationship between the book’s central character and her son by Hitler gives an engaging story within a story to this epically scoped book. The terror of and detestation for his evil wicked father scars the young boy for life. But his existence is made tolerable by the great genius that germinates within his youthful soul. The love which Countess Bernadotte has for her son also elevates her stress filled life.

Read no more books about Adolf Hitler until you read this one.

I will bring this review of the “Magnum Opus” of Mr Frank Sanello to a close by urging you, if you spend your money on nothing else during this recession haunted era, to purchase your copy immediately it becomes available. Read it, and then give it an honoured place, either on your bookshelf or your hard drive, (depending on whether you buy the printed or the digital version). You may be stultified at the prospect, of being faced with the ordeal of reading yet another book about World War II. But people, you haven't read this one yet.

The Autobiography of Frau Adolf Hitler is available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
Readers' Comments
Nell Rose

Hi christopher, this sounds like the type of book I would read, is it all fiction? for example hitler didn't have any children did he? sorry, my history knowledge finishes at James V1! got a lot to catch up on! I know about the War of course, and most of the history, but certain bits have never even dawned on me to look into, as my mum was always telling me stories, as she was in the Airforce, as was my uncle, cheers, nell

christopher meade
from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom Hub Author

Hi Nell.

The book is so cleverly written that you would swear every word was true. It is a novel however, so is essentially a work of fiction. Frank Sanello is a historian as well as a novelist though. He has done his research very well, so the pen portraits of his various characters are very true to life. Maybe there is a parallel universe and in that domain there was a Hitler who had a wife and a son. In the one in which we live Adolf Hitler had no children and he only married Eva Braun a few days before his suicide.

Nell Rose

Thanks for clearing that up christopher, it was something I never even thought about before, but now I realise that if he had a son, we would have heard about it a lot more, sorry for the duh moment! lol!

Vasiliki Bouras
from Connecticut

Thank you for your insightful review. It makes me want to read this book, I had no idea about the existance of Countess Bernadotte and how she tried to help the jews.

from Vancouver, Canada

It sounds like a great read and I will keep a look out. The worst part of this, post WWII and Nazism as that many of these odious characters were spirited to America under the secret Operation Paperclip and the Vatican was involved in the "Rat Line" aspect of this. During the first half of the 30's, there was an intimate relationship between the Vatican and the Nazis.

from south Florida

You do know how to write a very exciting book review, christopher. I am looking forward to reading this unusual and imaginative book. Thanks, m'dear, for the heads-up

from Arkansas

It'd be funny to discover that Hitler was a masochist.

Christopher Price
from Vermont


The fact that yours is an opinion that carries considerable weight with the literati lends this glowing book review an enhanced validity.

Just or the record, (and the inherently gullible), this book is Fiction, set, as you say, in a parallel universe.

And, isn't that beautiful woman pictured above Heddy LaMarr? She was Austrian by birth, but would undoubtedly decry any association with Hitler.


Wesman Todd Shaw
from Kaufman, Texas


I do like Frank, and wish he were still here. He truly published outstanding stuff here, and I'm certain his books would be great too!

Heck I even spoke to him a few times via private emails - very friendly and brilliant fellow!

Also, I'm sure you folks across the pond know all about Bernadette, but it is not well known here who she was, or that she'd had a liaison with Hitler.

christopher meade
from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom Hub Author

Hi Wesman.

I think Frank will be very pleased with your nice comments about him. I’ll make sure to pass them on. Don't forget this is a novel and Countess Bernadotte never really existed, although the book is brilliantly written as if she did. Most of the other characters are real people though.

Wesman Todd Shaw
from Kaufman, Texas

Hey wait, Chris, who was the English woman that was so closely tied to Hitler before the war???

I got confused, I thought we were talking about her....not that I recall the name of the person I'm trying to think of, of course.

christopher meade
from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom Hub Author

That was Unity Mitford. She got obsessed with Adolf Hitler and went to live in Germany for a while in the nineteen thirties. She killed herself when Germany and Britain went to war in 1939.