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Frank Sanello's Books

The Autobiography of Frau Adolf Hitler, translated and edited by Frank Sanello
In his new novel, Frank Sanello vividly recreates the Third Reich and World War II as seen through the eyes and daily diary of Hitler's imaginary wife, Countess Christina Bernadotte (1916-1948). The granddaughter of the king of Sweden, the countess is forced at the age of 16 to marry the 43-year-old Nazi dictator by her socially ambitious and abusive mother, an heiress to the...
Invisible People
Invisible People examines the lives of prominent historical figures who were gay or lesbian. Many of these figures didn’t hide their sexual orientation. In this nonfiction work, author/journalist Frank Sanello explores the perplexing mindset that makes homophobic historians shove famous people of the past into a closet that many of them never occupied in their lifetime. Some of the...
Tweakers: How Crystal Meth Is Ravaging Gay America
More than 250 crystal methamphetamine users and those who treat them were interviewed for this book. One after another, stories were told of lives destroyed by a seductive drug, the use of which typically begins on weekends or special occasions, but then ends up overwhelming the users life, relationships, and career. When friends and acquaintances learned the subject of my book,...
Reel V. Real: How Hollywood Turns Fact Into Fiction
All too often, highly fictionalized cinematic depictions of the past are accepted as the unassailable truth by those unfamiliar with the "real" account. This book profiles sixty movies that portray actual moments in history, and compares the mythologized account of each event to what really happened.  Movies chronicled include The Ten Commandments, Spartacus, A Man for All...
Steven Spielberg
INTRODUCTION  The Reluctant Jew   "For a Jew, it's a shame Steven Spielberg is so white bread."           -- mega film producer Don Simpson (Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun)   “The conventional has always appealed to Steven."               -- Leah Adler, his...