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Living a Long Lifve

Hey, want to live a long life? That sounds really good to me. But after reading this book on living longer, I might want to take back that wish. Maybe I should not be so quick to say, YES to a long life.

One thing that the book talked about to live longer was, “living hungry.” Well, after thinking about it, I find myself giving a resounding “NO.” My Goodness, do you want me to live the rest of my life restricting my calories? How can I give up all of the goodies that I so look forward to eating? How about if I eat at that “All You Can Eat Buffet” then starve for a few days after, will that count?

I can see that keeping my arteries clean will be a real problem area for me. Does that really mean giving up steaks, hamburgers, pizza, eggs, ice cream, and those oily, drippy doughnuts? That is one I will have to think seriously about. Do you think that they might come up with some miracle drug that will let us eat all of those goodies? Bring it on. Maybe, I can volunteer as a test subject for those researchers so they can get that show on the road. Would you care to join me?

One thing that makes me feel great, as a female, I’m not going to have much worry about my prostrate. The American woman is supposedly behind the eight ball when it comes to making a salary comparable to a man’s but na, na, na, na… I will never have to worry about my prostrate.

They talk about all of the tests that you have to take to detect cancer early. Well, that sounds all well and good on the face of it. How many hours will I have to give up of my life in taking all of these tests? Is it really worth it in the end? Will I be thinking of how great all of those tests were, while I am on my deathbed? Maybe, but I will be thinking of how good all those doughnuts were.

They tell you to find your place in the sun and why we need all of that Vitamin D. I feel that can get a bit iffy. I know myself too well and that I would probably end up dying of skin cancer because of too much sun.

Eat like a caveman they say. They said that our ancestors consumed meats and that vegetables were a mainstay. I am always a person of extremes and this is a hard one for me. Once, I went to the Doctor and told him that I was upset because I was turning orange. Well, he asked how many carrots did I eat on a daily basis. Well, I had to admit, lots; I was at the time on the “Carrot Diet.” I had done myself in on carrots. I don’t know what shade of green I would turn if I were told to eat lots of veggies.

I am told to choose my fish carefully. Is the fish I eat have too much mercury in it? They say that mercury can trigger an autoimmune response, making you tired, having memory lapses, hair loss, headaches and so on. My Goodness, it may be too late to give up fish!

Well, even though I am still in the process of reading that book, I have put it on the back burner for a while. I’m now reevaluating if I really, really do want to live longer. The jury is still out. (Pass the donuts, please.)


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sounds like my father! ...

sounds like my father! ... and he's a surgeon! But loves his steak and chocolates, dark ones, won't give up the good life! 85 years and still going...