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Here I am. I look everyday to see if someone has left me any comments. The answer is, no one leaves me any comments. Oh, well. I get lonely like the Maytag Repair Man. Is this good?

It would be so nice to read some feed back.  I sit and write all by self and have no idea how my ideas are recieved. I enjoy writing and that is the important point. 

Just one little word would do.   Thanks.

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Hi Frances, keep writing!

Hi Frances, keep writing! Mary P.

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You are a doll, I appreciate your note. I will keep on writing. Will look up your work. Have a good day.



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One little word...

Just found you tonight on most popular blogs. I will have to check out your work. There is so much to read on RR that it denies me sleep--I want to read many more people than I can.