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Dust Happens

Dust is an endlessly fascinating topic. I have to say that it is my nemesis. So, please come with me and let us explore the subject of filth. It seems to me that “Nothing is certain but death taxes and dust”. How exciting can life get?

There are articles about the fact that there might be intelligent life on Mars. I have come to the conclusion that there IS intelligent life IN DUST. I sweep and mop it up and my house looks great. I turn my back and I can hear the new dust talking behind me. “Just go on in. Go very slowly and she will never see you. That is the easiest way is to sneak up on her.”

I am so happy when my house is clean and I walk around in ignorant bliss. I just love to look at everything and enjoy the fact the all is pristine.  I am not aware that the little dust soldiers are lining up outside my house ready for their attack. And attack they do.Sometimes, as I am resting, after a fun time, of exerting my energy while dusting… my mind thinks of what dust is doing out in my back yard.

There must be some sort of calisthenics it does, or eating of energy food, or maybe listening to motivational CD. What would a motivational CD for dust be like?

 Then my mind goes to what kind of motivational CD, dust would like. It would tell them to rush in, where others fail to go, keep on keeping on or be the best dust that you can be. I do know that their fight song is “This Dust is Going to Walk all Over You”.

You get rid of dust and more rushes inside. I can just see the smiles on the faces of that little dust militia. Wouldn’t YOU be ecstatic if you knew you’d always come out the winner? Never once have I won a battle with dust. It is dust 400,000,000 and me 0. Surely, the law of averages will be on my side, one day. The question is why am I crazy enough to keep on keeping on with the cleaning?

 Dust is extremely devious. It is very crafty; it just sits around being very quiet but is extremely powerful. Does it stay out in the open where you can attack with it in a decent manner? No!!! It gathers under beds, couches, exercise bikes, chairs, corners and so on. It is so embarrassing when you move one of these and there is a whole dust army looking at you.

 I always ask myself the question, “where does it come from”? It seems to be that there is something magic about dust. Why there are even songs written about it. Star Dust is the first one that comes to mind.

 Dust is the substance that is a film over all of my house. I have found that when you don’t dust, no one will know, for it is the layer that is consistently over everything. It is that nice patina everyone can see. Beware! The second you move an object, you draw attention to the fact that THERE IS a layer of dust.

 The bible says “Dust you are and to dust you shall return.” I wonder where I will end up? Will I be under beds or on tables? I think I would like to end up on the bookshelves or maybe in front of the refrigerator or perhaps both.  What a way to go!!!!!!!!

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Maybe it's myth...

I'd have to do reasearch to verify, but I've heard it repeatedly asserted that common house dust is like 90% organic, mostly sloughed-off skin cells, etc. Thus, well, I guess you can make the connection, eh?

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If Ron is right, and I'm sure he is ...

... you're already under the bed, and everywhere else too.

"Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, and start all over again."



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you are a kick 

thank u for the commet 

the thought of being every where is nice