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Cool Jew is fun and informative

Lisa Alcalay Klug has written a hilarious, informative book that gives all the tips anyone needs to be Jewish, or to love Jews.

Cool Jew is chock full of information about Jewish culture and tradition, but Klug delivers it in such a delightful manner that you feel like you are at a party rather than studying for your bat or bar mitzvah. Want to be a cool Heebster? Klug will tell you how. Visiting the parents of your Heebster boyfriend? Klug shows the ins and outs of Jewish etiquette. Need to know some Jewish trivia? Cool Jew will tell you so much you will dazzle your friends with your knowledge of Jewish life. Did you know Elvis was Jewish? Well, now you know. Do you know the difference between a Heeb and A Dweeb? A Heeb likes kosher dill pickles and sweet mustard, while a Dweeb likes sweet gherkins and mayo. Which one would you rather hang out with?

This book is perfect for a Hannukah or bar mitzvah gift, or shucks, even a Christmas stocking stuffer.