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Our Adopted Cat Mimi

Almost three months ago, after the death of our next door neighbor Claudette ,we took in her 8 year old cat Mimi.To say we adopted her is an understatement,because she also adopted us,our bad habits and all.She actually had been a part of our lives for five years ,running back and forth between our two apartments on almost a daily basis.Everytime our neighbor went into the hospital,or went on a trip,we took her in temporarily.We had promised Claudette that If anything happened to her we would"adopt"Mimi.You could say Mimi's survival is a miracle.She survived for two days without food or water in an apartment that experienced a bad fire.Where she hid for those two days is anyones guess.We do know that we are still learning about her habits and she is still learning about ours.

For example;Just when I am going to bed around 3am,she becomes very animated and runs up and down like a wild woman,jumping on and off furniture.I am also surprised to sometimes find her sleeping near the small of my back.We also thought we knew her dietary habits,but she has surprised us in that area as well,often rejecting food she previously ate.I think she did not expect to find that her new owners often sleep to 11:30 in the morning,but as time has gone on she has developed patience in waiting for her am meal.We love her dearly,despite her waking us up early in the morning and scratching our mattress covers.