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Rise to the Call: Gerard deMarigny: Self Published

Gerard deMarigny's Cris DeNiro thriller series exemplfies what a true thriller should be. The characters and the subject matter are not only current and well researched but the plots and subplots keep the reader fixed to the printed page from start to finish. Writing about a real life event in his first book the The Watchman of Ephraim focusing on 9/11 and his first hand experience of that day, followed by Rise to the Call which continues his series. The Watchman are a special group working to help the governement and other agencies uncover terrorist plots, threats to the safety of the United States and to find and rescue anyone taken prisoner. His writing is well developed and organized. His plot lines are clear and crisp. Rise to the Call focuses on what happens when the Russians and Iranians team up against the United States. Gerard published the book by creating his own publishing company, editing it with his own team of editors and making sure that the quality of writing and the book were first rate. As a review who has reviewed over 700 self-published and traditionally published books this one stands out above the rest.

(Editor's Note: Originally posted as a comment on August 22nd, 2012.)