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My mother, who died at 70 in 1967, made a brief reappearance here in San Francisco last week. It was during a visit I made to the bedside of Lik Kiu Ding, age 90-something (born in the jungles of Borneo he never knew exactly when.) I had not seen him in years, until learning he is now at a nearby...
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Comfort and joy are at the top of the list of good things we seek, according to my new friend Colette Lafia’s book, appropriately titled Comfort and Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others. I think she’s onto something. But what’s even more interesting to me is the idea (which I think is...
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When I learned (NYTimes, May 18) that Barack Obama was represented by my sometime agent Jane Dystel, one of the best, I took this as an instant bond. I'll settle for any bond at all with our next president. But then, darn, I find he left her for D.C. super-lawyer Robert Barnett. "Disloyal but...
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Anyone up for a death-and-dying conversation? I thought not. Still, such things happen in real life and, I find, even in the blogosphere. In real life I often stop conversations with “well… I write a lot about end-of-life issues…” or, “…my causes? Actually, I work with a number of end-of-life...
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A writer friend with an almost-finished book told me recently she thought she would podcast it, skipping the bother of agents and editors and such. This was within the same week that another friend advised his summer reading would be strictly Kindle, skipping the bother of books and magazines and...
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At a recent San Francisco fundraiser for Narrative Magazine, Tobias Wolff, sharing the podium with Amy Tan, spoke of tempered author-envy over the lines around the block for Amy's book-signing events. "You have to love someone a lot not to want to kill her when the waiting line stretches all...
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