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The curious world of cyberspace

Disappearing from cyberspace is a little like being a tree that falls in the forest. A very small tree. Having disappeared from cyberspace myself for a couple of weeks, I am comforted by the fact that the forest is very large.

It’s not that this space disappeared, or miscellaneous other blogspaces disappeared, just that my Boomers & Beyond blog disappeared. It's a blog primarily about issues critical to over-50 generations, and it came to pass on  True/Slant.com a couple of years ago. It dealt with healthcare, fitness, housing, brain exercises, those sorts of things, and often diverted into rants about gay rights, abortion rights, gun control and other miscellany — because the True/Slant folks were a free-wheeling bunch and why should anybody quit worrying about rights and justice when they turn 50? Which brought Red Room to mind, because all of the above issues crop up in articulate posts on Red Room -- plus, I hate it when I disappear from cyberRedRoomspace for months on end.

True/Slant didn’t actually disappear; it got bought by Forbes, and is gradually reappearing (as a New And Improved Forbes blogsite) there. Boomers & Beyond is reportedly going to reappear thereon, as soon as a contract appears. In the interim, it is just sitting there inert, and after several watchful readers noticed its inertia (posting anything new isn’t an option at True/Slant any more) I decided to venture into this Red Room cyberspace.

It’s pleasant to meet you here. I hope we’ll meet again soon.